Weighted companion cube quilt

Gamer Crafts, Sewing Projects

Yep, I know what you’re thinking.  What the internet really needs is more pictures of crafts inspired by Portal’s companion cube.  If that isn’t what you’re thinking, you may be reading the wrong blog.


This sucker is over 7 feet squared.  If anyone else is crazy enough to make this there’s any interest I’d be happy to post a quick how-to.  Credit where credit is due: I didn’t use a pattern but I did see a photo online of someone else’s companion cube quilt that inspired me to make my own (thank you, mystery internet person).

For fabric junkies this is actually three colours of the same pattern, so it’s really pretty up close.


Coming soon: geeky amigurumi patterns!


4 thoughts on “Weighted companion cube quilt

  1. Hey I’d really like to make this. Any tips or more pics you could send my way? Many many thanks in advance. Or actually, if you have any other nerdy quilt ideas other than the usual mario, zelda, or pac man, I’m interested :)

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