Failure Is Awesome

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I finished making a dress today.  Why, you may wonder, am I writing about dressmaking in a supposedly geeky blog?  Here’s my inspiration:

Shockingly, this fabric was in the clearance section of Fabricland.  Yes, that is a happy robot washing his robot dog.  Naturally I couldn’t resist buying some, and since it’s a lightweight jersey I thought it would be perfect for a nerdy summer dress (apparently I have less willpower than the typical Fabricland shopper, because there was lots of it left).

The snag is that I’ve never sewn clothing, unless you count the ill-advised and thankfully never worn culottes I made in Grade 7 home ec class.  So I bought a pattern labeled ‘easy’ (they lied) and went to town with some even cheaper practice fabric.  From cutting out the pieces the wrong way — apparently two sides of a dress should be mirror images of one another — to sewing the wrong sides of things together, I think I’ve made three or four dresses in order to make one.  Here it is:

A cute little wrap I can wear over a bathing suit… and no one will be the wiser about how much I goofed up along the way.  Except anyone who reads this, of course (all three of you ;)

I tried, failed lots, and eventually got somewhere.  Not bad for a few dollars’ worth of discount fabric.  One day in the not so distant future, I’m going to sew myself a robot dress.  And that day will be glorious.

Photo from Pretty/Ugly Design (thanks, Lifehacker)!


3 thoughts on “Failure Is Awesome

  1. I love it! Clothing seems so intimidating to me… but I keep telling myself that once I have an actual spot to set up my sewing machine, I will sew more, and therefore be able to make lovely things. Because all I need is the space, right? I’m assuming I just have some kind of lovely innate talent, just waiting to be tapped. Yeah, that’s totally plausible.

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