Adventures In Yarnbombing

Gamer Crafts, Random Musings

So… I’d mentioned I was going yarnbombing with a few like-minded gals on Friday.  Yarnbombing is where you take a whole bunch of knitted/crocheted/otherwise fibred-together stuff and put it out in public spaces, like this bus, or this stop sign.  Like graffiti, but warm and fuzzy and pretty much no one objects to it.  Also, yarnbombing gangs tend to be quite friendly and bake a lot.

Naturally, my contribution skewed geeky:

We started with the park’s bandstand, since that was the centre of the Art in the Park festivities.  You may be wondering why there aren’t more pictures, why there are no people out on the street, and why it’s so dark.  I shot these in between lightning strikes, and although the old adage says you’re supposed to suffer for your art, I draw the line at crocheting stuff to large metal poles in the middle of a thunderstorm.  Sadly, my double helix had to go without its base pairs.

Another time, perhaps… but for now I’ll post the Pac-Man pattern if you’re feeling inspired to make the world a little more geeky :)

Props to Carol and Leslie from the Wabi Sabi yarn store for organizing the event!


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