Go Ahead, Make This One’s Day

Amigurumi Projects, Gamer Crafts

Canadian summers are glorious but short, so my creative output takes a nosedive this time of year in favour of sunshine and patios.  On the other hand, I had time to kill during a road trip, with yarn on hand.  Thanks for the request, Juliann!  Somebody had to make this sooner or later: why not me?

I haven’t had time to write up the pattern yet (it’s still in analog format on the back of an envelope) but I’ll post it soon.  Here he is, Blasto the Hanar Spectre, in plushie size (about 20cm/8″ tall):

Pattern soon, I promise :)


2 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Make This One’s Day

  1. Be glad you’ve got a summer to make your art suffer, here in the England we’re getting nothing but rain!

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