Legion Amigurumi (with LED light!)

Amigurumi Projects, Gamer Crafts

I finally did it.  Yeah, it took a while, but… well… just look.

I made Legion, and he lights up.  He even gives a wicked lens flare.  Hehe.

Now, I realize that wiring an LED isn’t exactly high-tech electronics, but I’m so excited about how he turned out.  The battery pack and wiring are hidden in the chest cavity.  I’d highly recommend the awesome Make:Electronics book for anyone looking to learn basic skills (the first experiment is to lick a battery… definitely not a traditional textbook).  I haven’t quite finished it but I’ll get there, once I’ve finished up some other WIPs.

But for now, more Legion pics, because there are few things more adorable than a fuzzy robot.  I’ll post the pattern soon, just in case anyone else wants to make one too (not an easy pattern, unfortunately, but IMHO well worth the effort :)


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