San Francisco is Geek Paradise

For Science!, Random Musings

I’ve always wanted to visit San Francisco, and finally got the chance a few weeks ago.  Between the aquarium, Exploratorium, Academy of Sciences, and other science-themed museums and attractions, I feel as though I could have spent a month there and still not run out of things to do.  One of the highlights of my trip, though, was a visit to a place called Noisebridge.

That’s a hacked payphone at the entrance – you have to enter a code to be let in – it reminded me of old Get Smart episodes :)  They’re a non-profit educational collective – aka hackerspace – offering sessions on everything from vegan cooking to zinemaking to Raspberry Pi, or just space to work on projects where no one will look suspiciously at your giant robot.

Once a week they host Circuit Hacking Mondays, where noobs like myself can learn new skills and try their hand at, well, circuit hacking.  It’s free to go, and they have kits and parts you can buy (at cost) if you’d like.  I wanted to learn how to solder safely, so I put together a little RGB LED light kit that slowly changes colours.  If I build a little lampshade to go around it I’ll have a trippy mood light:

So if you live in the San Francisco area, or are there for a visit, be sure to check out Noisebridge!  In the meanwhile, I’m still working my way through the Make:Electronics book, trying to come up with an interesting art/electronics project to sink my teeth into.  Now if only I could get my hands on some conductive thread…


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