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If you’re in need of an amigurumi ninja pattern, you’re in luck.  I made three.  No, this isn’t meant to be overcompensation for my pirate eyepatch crochet.  Ninjas FTW.  Sorry pirates.  Here are three ninjas: all of the patterns are explained below:

DIYgeekery three ninjasThat’s one mini ninja, one tall ninja, and one ninja bunny.  I should explain: I have a hard time sitting still when I travel, so I bring along yarn and crochet hooks.  No knitting needles ever since some airports (ahem USA) have decided that knitting needles count as weapons.  Although if I were actually a ninja, I suppose they could be.  Maybe if I stopped making ninjas in the airport, security would let my knitting needles through.

For any of these, you’ll need:

  • worsted weight yarn in black (and red if you want to make a belt)
  • size F/3.75mm crochet hook
  • stuffing
  • felt for face and eyes
  • needle and thread to sew on face and eyes (or just glue them on)

Stitches used include single crochet (sc), increase (inc), slip stitch (sl st), and invisible decrease (invdec): these patterns are all quick and easy and suitable for beginners.

Mini ninja:

DIYgeekery mini ninja

Stands approximately 7cm/2.5″ tall, all pieces work in the round with black yarn.


  • 1) 6 sc in magic ring (6)
  • 2) inc x 6 (12)
  • 3) *sc, inc* x 6 (18)
  • 4) *sc x 2, inc* x 6 (24)
  • 5-14) sc around for 10 rounds (24)
  • 15) *sc x 2, invdec* x 6 (18)
  • 16) *sc, invdec* x 6 (12), then stuff
  • 17) invdec around until flap is small enough to cover the hole, sl st, finish off and weave in end


  • 1) sc x 4 in magic ring (4)
  • 2) *sc, inc* x 2 (6)
  • 3) sc around (6)
  • 4) sl st, finish off and use end to sew to body


  • 1) sc x 4 in magic ring (4)
  • 2) inc x 4 (8)
  • 3) sc around (8)
  • 4) sl st, finish off and use end to sew to body

Ninja bunny:

Ninja bunny

As you may have noticed, this is just the mini ninja with bunny ears.  It’s no Usagi Yojimbo, but I think it’s cute (and I had a limited supply of yarn colours with me and time to kill).  Wonky pink bunny eyes are optional.  Stands approximately 10cm/4″ tall with ears.  Make the mini ninja as above, then add:


  • 1) sc x 4 in magic ring (4)
  • 2) inc x 4 (8)
  • 3) sc around (8)
  • 4) *sc x 2, invdec x 2* (6)
  • 5-9) sc around for 5 rounds (6), then sl st, finish off and use ends to sew to top of head, pinching the ears flat to make them look more like bunny ears

Tall ninja:

DIYgeekery tall ninjaStands approximately 15cm/6″ high.  This guy is made using the basic humanoid pattern, except I only increased the body to 18 sc around to make his head seem larger.  The belt was ch 40 in red yarn, tied in a double knot at the waist.

I’ve also figured out how to work a DNA double-helix into a 2D crochet pattern, but I’m not done that project yet.  Pattern coming as soon as I manage to finish it :P


5 thoughts on “Amigurumi Ninjas

    1. Thanks :) Have you given Cap’s shield a go? I was thinking it would be easy to make a small version in crochet if you wanted geeky coasters or something…

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