Magnificent Makers: By Xila

Magnificent Makers

You may have noticed by now that I don’t sell the things I make. Each project takes more time and work than I could possibly sell it for. Earning a living by creative work is tough business, and I have mad respect for all the makers of weird, wonderful, and geeky things who do.

I usually support independent makers by buying from them, but if you’re reading this blog you might have similar tastes. So, in an effort to signal boost some Magnificent Makers, I’ll be posting about them from time to time.

I was wandering the streets of Porto when I came across a street fair tucked into a secluded square (don’t worry, this isn’t turning into a travel blog):

Street fair Porto

Artists, crafters, musicians… almost everything being sold was made by the person selling it. Cold beer in hand (from the smart entrepreneur under that far red umbrella… it was a hot day), I had to stop at By Xila‘s table:

By Xila table 2

Marvel, onigiri, kitties… now I’m wishing I bought all of them.

By Xila felt close-up


Lego jewelry and keychains…

By Xila lego jewelry


Even videocassette purses and audiocassette wallets…

By Xila video purses


Her prices were very reasonable… I’m kicking myself for not buying more of the felted brooches! If you don’t happen to live in Portugal, By Xila has an Etsy shop and Facebook page.




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