You Share Good – Gwenn Seemel

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Makers, crafters, and creators of weird and wonderful things… you should read You Share Good by artist Gwenn Seemel. It’s both a free culture manifesto and a work of art in and of itself: a discussion of what it means to create and share, and a showcase of the artist’s bold and distinctive paintings.

You Share Good cover

Best of all, the whole book is free to read online. Look at me sharing it. Mwahahaha.

Gwen Seemel - You Share Good 2

Her art is loud, joyful, and often irreverent. I love it. I also love her philosophy of sharing, remixing, setting your creations free and seeing them be shared and remixed in turn.

On that note the Bioware store is sold out of nugs and I’ve got the itch to make a new pattern…


Guest Feature: Comic Book Guitar

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Today’s guest feature is from Annotated Audrey: she makes mixed media art and posted a delightful Wonder Woman DIY comic book guitar project, complete with step-by-step progress photos and tutorial.

Love the red sunburst effect on the front, and the metallic accents. I’m a sucker for shiny things :)

Annotated Audrey Wonder Woman guitarAnnotated Audrey Wonder Woman guitar 2

Audrey also uses Mod Podge for her mixed media art with lovely results. Mod Podge is wonderful stuff… remember those X-men shoes and Vintage Book Grid-It I posted a while ago? This guitar makes me want to start playing with it again…

Just a caveat if you’re trying this project… if you cover the wood on an acoustic guitar it will affect the sound somewhat…

Thanks for sharing your project, Audrey!