My Neighbor Totoro Amigurumi

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My latest project has nothing to do with crafting: you may have *ahem* noticed the shiny new blog format. The home page now shows patterns and tutorials, and the blog is visually decluttered.

Please bear with me as I transition the content: I promise none of the links will take you to goatse. I hope.

Here is a blue Totoro:

Totoro square

This is not my pattern, but I’ve made it twice and it’s wonderful. Lucyravenscar’s pattern can be found here, and she also has free patterns for grey (big) and white (tiny) Totoros.


My Neighbour Totoro pillow

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Haven’t finished any more projects yet so I thought I’d post something I made a few months ago.  More Miyazaki-inspired cuteness.  I saw a picture of a similar pillow online and wanted to figure out how to make it.  This is one of the rare things I’ve made twice: one for my sister and one for my niece.